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Verplanck Colvin Historical Sign Project

The Eastern New York Society of Land Surveyors has completed our project to install a New York State Historical Marker at the site of Verplanck Colvin's historical home in Albany, which is on the site currently occupied by the First Lutheran Church of Albany at 181 Western Avenue.

  On Thursday, May 25, 2006 - The Eastern New York Society of Land Surveyors held the dedication ceremony for the new Historical Marker.  The Keynote speaker was State Assemblyman John McEneny who has an ancestor that served on one of Verplank Colvin's crews, and whose Assembly District includes the site of the marker.  The Master of Ceremonies was Charlie Hartnett, L.S., with speeches by Kermit Remele L.S., Organizer of the Colvin Crew, and Joe Malinowski L.S., President of the Eastern New York Society of Land Surveyors.  In attendence were representatives of the New York State Association of Professional Land Surveyors, Reverend Victorson and members of the First Lutheran Church, members of ENYSLS, NYSAPLS, camera crews from several local television stations, as well as interested passers-by.  After the presentation, the group was treated to refreshments and coffee by the First Lutheran Church.

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DSCN0969.jpg DSCN0971.jpg DSCN0974.jpg
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DSCN1043.jpg DSCN1044.jpg DSCN1045.jpg
DSCN1046.jpg DSCN1049.jpg DSCN1050.jpg
DSCN1051.jpg DSCN1052.jpg DSCN1058.jpg
DSCN1059.jpg DSCN1066.jpg DSCN1069.jpg
DSCN1072.jpg DSCN1072MVC-024F.jpg DSCN1076.jpg
DSCN1077.jpg DSCN1079.jpg DSCN1080.jpg
All pictures in this section by Jim Vianna or Kurt Heiss, Copyright 2006 ENYSLS

In December of 2005 - Jim Vianna, Bob Ihlenburg and Michael Vianna installed the pole for the sign.

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presign00.jpg presign01.jpg presign03.jpg
presign04.jpg presign05.jpg presign06.jpg
All Pictures in this section by Jim Vianna or Bob Ihlenburg, Copyright ENYSLS 2005

Also - Please check out the official website of the First Lutheran Church of Albany, who graciously offered their support for us in this project.  Their website has some very interesting area history on it, as well as directions to the site:

First Lutheran Church of Albany

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