The Eastern New York Society of Land Surveyors, Inc. (ENYSLS) is a Membership Organization whose purpose is to promote the common interests of Land Surveyors within the New York State Counties listed below. ENYSLS is one of eighteen Regional Affiliates organized under the New York State Association of Professional Land Surveyors (NYSAPLS).

New York Counties Served:

Warren, Washington, Fulton, Saratoga, Montgomery, Schenectady, Rensselaer, Albany, Greene, and Columbia
(See Map)

ENYSLS Officers 2021

Kaleb Winters, P.L.S.President
Randel Paquin, P.L.S.Past President
Brie Strom, P.L.S.Executive Vice President
Lucas Boyer, P.L.S.Vice President
James Vianna, P.L.S.Treasurer
Dwayne Cooper, P.L.S.Secretary

ENYSLS Board of Directors

Lucas Boyer, P.L.S., 2019-2021
Chuck Lent, P.L.S., 2019-2021
Brie Strom, P.L.S., 2019-2021
Nicholas Lehman, 2019-2021
Randel Paquin, P.L.S, 2020-2022
Jason Peterson, P.L.S, 2020-2022
James Vianna, P.L.S, 2020-2022
Dwayne Cooper, P.L.S, 2020-2022
Lawrence O’Connor, P.L.S., 2020-2023
Pat VanHaverbeke, P.L.S., 2020-2023
Kaleb Winters, P.L.S., 2020-2023
Richard Palmer., 2020-2023

Past President, Randel Paquin, P.L.S.
Director NYSAPLS, Kaleb Winters, P.L.S.
Director NYSAPLS, Brie Strom, P.L.S.


Please visit the New York State Association of Professional Land Surveyors website to become a member and to get information on current combined membership dues.  Please remember to select the Eastern New York Society of Land Surveyors as your Regional Affiliate when you sign up.